It’s not JUST WORK,
it’s personal

For many of us, work is a big part of who we are. We believe that work is a way of realising oneself, feeling meaningful, and being part of the community. Everyone should enjoy and be proud of their job – at least for most of their working hours. Every job is important in its own way and beneficial for society.

We meet each job seeker and employee personally, offering a service where the employee is the customer. Whether you are looking for a new job, temporary work, additional training or a career, we offer you customised solutions.

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  • Avoin työhakemus toimihenkilöt, Tampere

    tsitkö uutta työtä hallinto- ja toimistotöiden parista? Kaipaatko uusia haasteita ja uusia työtehtäviä?Avoin hakemus on hyvä keino löytää itselleen uusia työmahdollisuuksia. Kerrot sillä meille, että sinulla on haku päällä ja etsit uusia työmahdollisuuksia.…

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Our salaries follow industry-specific collective agreements. At the very least, we always pay the minimum wage mentioned in the collective agreement.

Salaries are paid every two weeks, in the middle and at the end of a month.

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Jasmiina Inkinen

Unit manager / sales and recruiting

Tampere, Finland

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Jonna Saarinen

entrepreneur / finances, marketing, recruitment

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