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The story behind Pro Career

While studying for a degree in economics at the University of Tampere, Jonna worked alongside her studies and got to know Jasmiina in the workplace. Jasmiina and Jonna worked as a close-knit combat duo, undertaking assignments with a primary focus on office recruitments and personnel leasing. In the industry, these are referred to as white-collar recruitments.

When we founded Arctic Career, we boldly set a goal of 10 offices by the end of the year 2032. Tampere was on the map from the beginning, partly because one of the founders, Jonna, has lived there for over five years. In terms of its industries, Tampere is an interesting, industrially focused, red-brick city in its general appearance. Tampere offers many opportunities for the personnel industry thanks to its versatility. The first customers from Tampere were found even before acquiring the premises, which encouraged us to start operations already in October 2023.

Jasmiina’s working life largely consists of working in HR and recruitment, consulting, supervisory work, and B2B sales. Creating a better working life, elevating employee-centeredness to its rightful pedestal, teaching work-life skills, coaching, and leading young people have been matters close to Jasmiina’s heart throughout her working life. In a way, the values that are important to Jasmiina were very much the same ones on which Arctic Career is built. Caring, responsibility, learning, joy, and kindness directly connected Jasmiina to the team.

“‘HR and recruitment is not soft fussing or secret science that takes place in back rooms. Employee-centeredness should be the focal point of every company’s strategy, remembering that a well-being employee is also a more productive employee. The recruitment process is the first contact for the job seeker with the employer’s culture and operating methods. In this, I, and we, want to be among the top players in the industry. Companies trust their brand and the employee’s first contact with the company to us, and we want to be worthy of that trust.’ – Jasmiina

Jasmiina has considered entrepreneurship at several points in her life, and when people with the same passion, the same values, and the same humor meet, the rest is history!”

Note that the translation aims to convey the overall meaning and may not reflect the exact Finnish colloquial expressions or idiomatic uses in English. Some phrases or expressions might be further adjusted for natural flow in English, depending on the context and target audience.

In Tampere, on October 3th 2023.

Jasmiina and Jonna

Our values

“We don’t just care, we take care”

“We don’t just care, we take care”

We want to make sure that employees get the orientation, tools, safe work environment, and respect that they deserve. Job vacancies and on-call jobs that we offer are all such that we could go and do ourselves

“You are allowed to have fun at work”

“You are allowed to have fun at work”

We strive to meet our clients and closest colleagues with a smile on our faces. Naturally, we are not always smiling with our teeth and that is also fine. At work, you are allowed to show emotions and celebrate accomplishments. Colleagues and clients can also be surprised, for example, with unexpectedly good service, or by bringing coffee and fresh’pastries to the office.

“When there are setbacks, we will help and support in any way possible.”

“When there are setbacks, we will help and support in any way possible.”

Deep down, people are good and they want to work. Everyone has talent in them. We want to help people to discover their own careers, and to support people with their professional growth, even if that is always not possible in their first workplace. Kindness is a true form of empathy, understanding and accepting others for whom they are

“We bear our responsibility for the north, and make sure our work is of high quality”

“We bear our responsibility for the north, and make sure our work is of high quality”. 

Responsibility is a part of private employment agencies in many ways. We are responsible employers. We bear responsibility for the client companies and the prerequisites for their growth. We bear responsibility for the development of Northern Finland’s economy in such a way that the availability of labour is not an obstacle to growth. For us, responsibility means the courage to also admit mistakes, mishaps and our own incompleteness as a person.

“Only change is permanent”

“Only change is permanent”

Learning new things is an important part of our work, it is part of being human. We learn more about different industries, people and ourselves every day. In addition to work, we actively strive to offer our employees the opportunity to study with an apprenticeship contract. At workplaces, we also aim at offering internal career development opportunities.

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Head of Recruitment / Tampere

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